CAI-STA Philippines


Located in the in the Philippines, the CAI-STA Philippines, Inc. (CAI-STA) is also known as Manila Solutions Center (MSC) of Computer Aid Inc, (CAI).  CAI-STA is a joint venture between Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI) and SoftTech Advantage, Inc. (STA).    CAI-STA was formed  in 1998 as dedicated offshore delivery center to CAI providing IT services to global locations.  In fact CAI-STA is the CAI’s global presence in the ASIA Pacific region.  Celebrating its 16 years, CAI-STA has grown to over 200 employees and associates.

In 2012, CAI-STA organized its own sales and marketing team to offer services to the local Philippine market and has since won 5 local combined and government development projects.  CAI-STA acts as marketing and sales plactform for CAI-built intellectual

CAI-STA is a full service IT Solutions and Support Delivery Center located in Metro Manila with offices in Taguig City (primary) and Makati City (backup site/disaster recovery site).  Through its Class A facilities and dedicated team of knowledgeable professionals, CAI-STA deliver CAI tools, application services and consulting to enable private and public sector customers to improve their own ICT management effectiveness.  CAI-sta follows CAI time-tested methodologies in delivery services including: Application Development, Application Maintenance and Support, Testing, Management, Level 1 Helpdesk and Level 2 Operation Services to CAI, its clients, and CAI-STA clients.  In addition to the list of core services, CAI-STA may propose consulting services in response to specific client objectives.


The CAI-STA projects follow the same processes that have made CAI a world-class IT consulting and services provider.  Using the same metrics-based approach to project management, issue tracking, and change management, CAI-STA is able to ensure high quality solution to its customers and the best possible proce as proven in its on-time and cost effective delivery of the Philippine government’s tax stamp system and the Intergnational Food Services’ integrated catering systme which were developed from ground up.  CAI-sta is deirectly connected to the CAI network in the United States.


There are significant advantages to utilizing the CAI-STA.

These include:

  • High quality work with cost savings of up to 50%
  • Over 200 resources in development, project management, testing and analysis
  • Scalable and flexible staffing
  • Diversified background and experience with a full range of tecnologies including mainframe, client/server, and browser-based systems.
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